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Taking the Clinical Pastoral Education unit at St. Camillus has been rewarding… the tools learned have empowered me to be a better chaplain. The group dynamic and individual supervision was essential in my pursuit of one day being a certified chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC).

Chaplain Manuel Torres

I learned that CPE was not about me, nor was it about knowing what to say, but rather it was about being patient-centered, not me-centered.

I learned to be present to the patient and learned to trust that the Holy Spirit would help me to listen emphatically and help the patient to articulate his or her concerns to find peace of mind and heart.

Gilbert Guzman, Seminarian

St. Camillus Urban Interfaith Chaplaincy training is a well-kept secret, even among the laity of Los Angeles.  I had to stumble upon it!  And I am so grateful that I did.  It has been the highpoint of my career.

Mary Ruth Ewell, LMFT

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