About Us

The mission of Urban Interfaith Chaplaincy (UIC) Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is dedicated to caring for persons in spirit, mind, and body by providing compassionate, sensitive and competent ministry to the patients, residents, staff, and families of community service organizations.

We provide experience-based theological education for seminarians, clergy and lay persons of diverse cultures, ethnic groups and faith traditions by building innovative partnerships in order to pursue a vision of greater service to the communities surrounding Los Angeles, California.

Such partnerships are developed through contracts with community service organizations such as but not limited to: hospitals, hospices, retirement centers, nursing homes, prisons, corporations, businesses and parishes.

UIC offers CPE Levels 1A, Level 1B, Level 2A, Level 2B Outcomes & Indicators.

This ACPE-accredited program does not discriminate against persons because of race, ethnicity, religious/spiritual tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, etc.

Scheduled CPE Units

Applications now being accepted

* Due to the number of applicants and limited placements, prospective students should begin their application process a minimum of 8 to 10 months before the start of their preferred unit. 
[Admission Requirements] 
* Currently, St. Camillus UIC CPE program uses a combination of in-person and video-conferencing to facilitate their CPE Units.

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